Monday, June 6, 2011

Two great places to find fun activities for Kiddos

Like any other mom I am constantly looking for activities for my three kids. I love looking around to see what the wonderful North West has to offer and believe me we my not have tons of sun but we do offer great activities for the kids. One of my favorite sites is Seattle Childs Calendar this is local and gives you the opportunity to check or un-check areas. They also let you know if the activity is for free or a fee.

Another great website that is national is Go City Kids from Parents Connect. This website offers activities nationwide and local which makes it an amazing tool when you are traveling. I would love to head down to Houston to visit my sister and her husband and I need to find some cool places to take the kids. If you are looking to move they also offer you many different options to look up; schools, restaurants, doctors. Just about anything you could imagine as well as community forums where you can find support if needed or just want to talk to others who have similar experiences to you.


Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma said...

Love those ideas! There are a ton of great parks in the north end that I love to take my kids to for some fun. It was awesome meeting you! Thanks for following my blog :D

Summer Bert said...

I agree around here there is no lack of activities for the kids. Such a great place to live!!

It was nice to meet you too and hopefully we can meet up when you head back up here or come back to town