Sunday, June 5, 2011

Its amazing

I will admit I was a processed food junkie. This year I made the pledge to eat healthier and we have slowly been removing the processed foods in our house. At first this was an unthinkable act, now I don't even miss them. No pasta-roni, rice-a-roni, hamburger helper, mac n cheese. I will admit I do let the kiddos have some fun cereal, granola/cereal bars, and fruit snacks. If you look at my house you will see a fridge full of dairy and produce. A freezer full of meat and veggies and a pantry full of garden veggie pasta, bean, canned tomatoes, and misc other foods.

My teenager and son are cooks in training. My daughter can make almost anything from scratch, it amazes me!!! she even makes photo worthy BBQ. Bubba is only 3 and loves to help me cook and I encourage it. He cuts fruits and veggies with a plastic knife. I look forward to every week making new recipes with them (maybe someday bubba will actually eat the food)

Now I know a lot of people say it is more expensive to eat healthy and I will honestly tell you it is not. I have the same food budget and just replaced the bad with good, sometimes it is even cheaper. Amazon and Amazon Fresh have great prices on organic food and fresh produce. If you are from the NW area look into Zaycon Foods they have delicious organic free range chicken much cheaper then the grocery stores. Right now I bought a case at $1.64 a pound. The breasts are huge and never frozen. Also always look into your local produce stands that support local farmers. You get great produce at a good price while helping to support your local farmers.

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