Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I have been gone for a little bit but I am back

I took a vacation not on purpose but on accident. On June 29th I was working the NOC shift at work and they had cleaned the carpets and I did not know so I was in a fast walk on the way to the residents room and went from carpet to hardwood floor. I hit that floor hard and lost my balance causing me not to fall but to slide across the floor and slam into the wall at full force. I sprained my back, knee and had a contusion on my thumb. Right away I could tell I gave my body a good Jarring because I started to have shortness of breath and was hobbling around. I called my manager and she immediately sent in someone to relieve me. Then off to the ER I went was in and out of there with in a half hour (can you imagine?) Three days off with my leg elevated was what they told me, fun right with my three kids and husband who can't walk.

3 days later I went to my follow up appointment and I was given a knee immobilizer to wear and crutches to use (oye!) and then a follow up 4 days later. That 4 days later was today, I went in and my back/thumb were better but not my knee. My knee is exactly the same so I am still on sedentary duty and still have to wear the knee immobilizer and crutches. My work has been amazing through this all, The General Manager, My Manager and another fill in manager have all called to check in on me as well as my co-workers. That is such a nice feeling. Tomorrow I go back to work and am sad that I am still in this position and not able to help my team. I hope this heals with the twice a week physical therapy.