Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cloud Nine

Even though I will have to get 40 hours a week for a while to payback my step dad I will. It is just a small amount of money for my wedding venue. I am so excited to have a place that I will be getting married at. Everything in life and for my wedding is starting to fall in place. Ahhhhh so happy today!!! Even my weight is dropping off!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Need to vent

I am soo angry at my SIL I want to explode but of course I cannot do that because I would make my whole family on my husbands side upset since they see her as an angel even when she is not. It just pisses me off to no end. She is wrong and needs to grow up and she will not. grrrrrrr

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My wedding dress is here

It came today and is sooo gorgeous. I will take pics once I get my petticoat since it looks funny without. I should get it with in the next few weeks. It fits in the stomach just fine but will not go over my ribcage. So getting the corset back is the best thing since I will have the hourglass figure. My MIL said it will not be a problem to have it taken in since I am going to lose significant weight and inches. Also the hemming in the front will be no problem at all because how the dress is made. So once it is closer I will have it altered and have everything done. Everyone cannot believe close to me who I told cannot believe that I only paid $25 for the dress because it is so gorgeous and does not look cheap at all (you know I have to rival my sister) Did I tell you that Nick LOVES IT. He snuck onto ebay and looked at it but when he saw it in person/on person he loved it. Which is great because I love it too. I can't wait to get my petticoat so I can post the pics I know you all wanna see!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Great giveaway

Check out this great give away. This is a blurb off of her site.

I will choose two random winners. One will receive a brand new Disney MixMax Video MP3 Digital Media Player. Tinkerbell edition. It holds 240 songs and plays 16 hours of video. It's rechargeable and comes with software, earbuds, and a wrist strap! Value $100. Perfect for those long car rides!

The other random winner will receive two $50 prizes, for a total value of $100. Both of these items are brand new and made by Npower's Nickelodeon line, Sponge Bob edition: A digital music player (MP3) that holds 250 songs, comes with software, ear buds and is rechargeable AND a flash digital camera that holds approx. 79 photos. It has sound effects, an LCD screen, software, adhesive skins, a wrist strap, cables and much more! Perfect for busy hands on a road trip. US shipping only.

I am in a contest

a biggest loser contest. I am doing it so it will motivate me to drop the weight not only for my wedding but for my health and my self esteem. No one really likes to be bigger than they should and I am super competitive. So Here I go we are on day #2. I am planning on incorperating Nicholas into my workouts so he can help me lose the weight. I hope to drop 20-40 for the contest but we will see how it turns out.