Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Laid off

It seems this term is chasing around everyone of us these days. About three weeks before our wedding my husband was "laid off" We were the last couple of our friends to be hit and had been running from it for months. We made it through the holidays but man it blew our honeymoon. My husband who has worked since he was 8 was now at home and I had just gone back to work so luckily we were saved there. Income taxes paid for our wedding and helped with bills till unemployment kicked in but there were no jobs in sight for his skill set. We had read Total Money Makeover and that really saved our butt. We buy everything in bulk, cut down on the extra's, and are just doing everything we can to stay afloat. We are not by anymeans perfect and cut it tight some months. We fight over bills and money but right now who doesn't. We have two growing mouths to feed. My husband is working in Real Estate and doing better than most he has some deals waiting to go through and once they do we will have our safety net. I am in school for accounting and I use every resource I can even though they are small. We are too middle class to get much help even with him laid off due to what I make and his unemployment. But if you are going through the same thing don't be bashful or afraid to accept kindness from others. At this time in this country we should be there for everyone and remember to put something in your mailbox May 9th to stamp out hunger cause even if we are hungry someone is hungrier than us and we can help them. Remember to love your spouse during this time as it is stressful for everyone involved don't break apart come together and support each other. The laid off one already feels like a failure.