Friday, July 3, 2009

almost 13 years ago

at 15 years ago I became a teen mom to my beautiful daughter Jaszmien. Not a day has gone by that I have regretted that day or the decision to keep her. My mom kicked me out but I was lucky enough to get into a teen parent home and then into a teen parent apartment complex where I had my own apartment. I worked full time and then went to school and graduated on time with my class. I even had six scholarships to use for college which I did. I became a Medical Assistant and I am now in college working on my Bachelors degree in Accounting. My daughter is going through the teen years for sure and I really am trying to be there for her but she sure makes that hard. I wish more than anything that I could take her in my arms and just overwhelm her with loves and kisses but she would totally freak out. I can only hope she truly knows how much love I have for her and feel the bond I have with her seeing as we have been through so much together. I hope when she has children she will look up to me as a positive influence and someone to model after. I miss her now as she is on vacation with her grandpa and can't wait for her to get back even though I know there will be some silly argument about something. All I can hope is that I have set a good example for other teen parents and have put a good name for teen parents since most only think of the bad stigma associated with them.