Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still on my Journey

It has been interesting since I am now over 6 months pregnant with my third child. I hate hair!!! So I shave my legs, arms, and that creepy little pregnancy line you get on your tummy almost everyday. Shaving my legs is getting to be an Olympic sport and somewhat sad but still amazing I can bend the way I do. I finally waxed the other side of my bikini line and don't know why I waited so long to do it. The skin is so smooth and even though it hurts it is worth it. Eye brows are getting out of control these days and I spent a while plucking them last night. My friend (who is also pregnant) is coming over to do my hair (I will have blonde highlights) That I am excited for and soon I will be getting my pedicure. I tell you what being a "trophy"wife sure feels like pampering to me but in the end most moms forget to take care of number one and this project has reminded me that I need to step back and take care of myself. I feel better and look better for doing this.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 4 and what a day

As I was in the shower saving my armpits I was thinking how I need to do a facial mask tonight. I am also still trying to work up the courage to attempt to use my bikini wax strips (seriously my arms are short and belly is huge)
My mineral veil came in the mail today and my elf concealer came yesterday...If my husband would quit running me into the ground with work I could actually do my makeup...I have tried three times today to apply it.
I decided that not only would I be working on myself I would completely change my families whole diet so we could be as healthy as we can be. I have been getting all of my recipes off of Which is an awesome resource and we have had good luck with taste and satisfaction. Thanks to Paige for the recommendation I will be trying that mask.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day three of my mission

Well today was interesting and busy to say the least. You would think being a housewife is easy breesy but trust me it is not. I had to wake up early and shower, shave and makeup for a early Dr's appt. During my primping my son just freshly awake decides he wants a tub. So in the tub he goes and I go on doing my makeup and talking to him.

I exfoliated my face and used my normal cleaner. Then applied that fun acne solution followed by the all natural emollient. Let that soak in and then I have to find the concealer brush dab and tap and hide the bags under my eyes, Then I apply the all over mineral foundation followed by bronzer. Then had to fill in the eyebrows and set them. Eye shadow came next, three shades to be exact and I had to hold tissue under my eye so that none of the eyeshadow spilt onto my face (it was mineral eyeshadow so it can drip) I did the top eye in gold eyeliner, then applied mascara, followed by a darker gold on the bottom.

I am looking at my bikini wax and my preggo belly and wondering how in the world I am going to manage to wax myself with such short arms. This should be interesting, After that I am planning on a mani/pedi. I really need one and deserve it. Well tomorrow should be interesting since i get more of a break

Monday, May 3, 2010

I have decided to go on a mission

I have decided to go down the road and see how much work it takes to become a trophy wife......This should be interesting no remember I am 6 months pregnant so there is only so much I can do

Last night I went ahead and washed my face with St Ives make up remover/face wash and then patted dry of course then I followed with Got to Be cucumber face peel. I felt like I had that mask on forever but once I took it off my skin did feel softer. I went online to my favorite store (eBay) and got some great deals on Bare Mineral foundation and Mineral Veil (which I have used and loved), Elf concealer (which I have never used but am willing to try based on reviews) and then I went on a search of skin products wow there were so many on there. I found a great deal on a face mask with Caviar in it....seem so luxurious but frivolous (I may break down and try it in the future) I cannot wait for my make up to get here I am really looking forward to the mineral veil and the concealer as this pregnancy is wrecking havoc on my skin.

Today I exfoliated with St Ives Invigorating scrub and then washed with my St Ives facial cleaner. I put on my acne medicine followed by some natural emollient. My skin still feels soft today. Now for makeup...sometimes I wonder why I even bother since I wear glasses most of the time. I have to get my contacts in the middle of the month. Then I have to do my hair and keep myself looking fresh all day as I take care of my kids.....this should be fun like I said