Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have a son who has his birthday coming up

and this kid loves sand, water and riding toys. Over at blessings around she is giving away all three. You will not be wasting your time if you go over and check out this giveaway and her amazing others. Everyone loves little tykes and that is what she is giving away this time

Do you have an outdoor dad?

Enter this great giveaway!!!

They have a GPS, Fishing pole, Tent, and E power pack. 4 things an outdoor man would love. I know my man would (and that is why I entered)Go on over and see if you can win your dad some awesome prizes

It is time to stand up for teen parents

Yesterday I read an article that devastated me.

Less than half of teen parents graduate from high school.
Less than 2% earn a college degree before the age of 30

I got pregnant at the age of 14 and gave birth at the age of 15. I graduated on time with my class with 6 scholarships that I worked my butt off for. Shortly after I turn 30 I will have three college degrees. I want to bring these statistics up and be a role model for those who think they cannot do it. I am starting from scratch but mark my words I will make a difference in someones life.