Sunday, October 30, 2011

Load Day 1

The hardest thing for me to adjust too is taking the HCG drops 30 mins before each meal. I am so spacey in the morning that I better set an alarm for this. Loading is also a biggie. Day 1 and 2 I am supposed to eat high fat but not high carb foods. I have been eating healthy for so long that my brain is programmed so high fat is hard to do or to do more then I normally do.

For Breakfast I had 2 fried eggs with whole wheat toast and grape juice. Then drank my normal coffee which will have to go plain after tomorrow :(

Lunch I will most likely eat out and for dinner we are having creamed eggs. I am thankful for load day though because tomorrow is Halloween and we are having a potluck at work so I can eat sweets and the Shepard's pie I am cooking.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Starting Tomorrow

I will be joining the HCG adventure!!! I have seen quite a few personal success stories with it but I have heard a few that didn't work out. I am willing to give it a try and will be posting on here about my adventures with it. I am hopeful that it will work and kick my body back into gear. Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Working While Being a Momma

Well I was officially promoted yesterday to permanent Medical Assistant to the busiest Doctor in the practice!!! and let me tell you it is a very busy practice. Never a dull day or a dull moment in his practice. Needless to say the week flies by and then it is the weekend and I am going "what happened!!!" I guess the week goes smoothly with a schedule so it took a minute but we got one.

On Sunday Night I make sure that my scrubs, Bubba's and Bella's clothes are all put out down to socks and sweatshirts. Then I make the snacks for the next night and get lunch together as well. They have their own little lunch bag and I pack it as full as I can. Their favorite snack is celery with peanut butter!! I get them in the bath so they are fresh for the work week and then I pack Bubba's bag because he is in Pre-K and goes 4 days a week. I get all my morning stuff ready including the coffee pot (who can live with out one of those) Once everything is all packed I write a reminder list of what to grab and where and tape that on the door for hubby!

Every night it is the same routine. When I was a stay at home mom I felt more lost, unorganized. I feel that working and having something for me makes me a better mom. Some people were meant to stay home with the kiddo's. I am not one of those moms, I am the go to work and go hard come home and love my family until bedtime then get everything ready for the next day moms. It took me a long time to get over the stigma of being a working mom and feeling like I don't love my kids enough because I want to work. I look forward to my future work and my future with my kids and I know now I am giving them the best mom they can have.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a weekend!!!!

This weekend and yes it is only Saturday has been nuts and a disappointment to boot. Last night start with no sleep and it should have been my first clue but I was too tired to figure it out. Normally my son talks in his sleep so it was no biggie but he was asking for water which was weird but who knows since he was sleeping. Then this morning while hubby is getting ready for work he screams at me "mom get my puke bucket" so I go running throwing on my shirt while I go managing to put it on inside out and I manage to get it to him in time. So I lay back down with him only to hear the sounds of the baby waking up.

The teenager gets up and starts hacking up a lung and the baby has sick eyes. Round two teenager is set up on the neb, baby is just fussy as can be and I haven't had my morning coffee....good times. Welcome to mother hood where you bust you ass all week and then on your days off you get twice the work. By the time I finally get my coffee I stop and think about my day and all that was planned and make the game plan now. Today was my best friends Bridal Shower and I had to call her and tell her I was not going to make it. It honestly broke my heart to make the call. Then I was supposed to be off to see my brand new nephew whom I have not met yet!!! he is so darn adorable and I want to meet him. Scratch both of those instead I had to run to the bank then hit up my local Albertson's for a large jug of Gatorade, saltines, and lunch for the hubs and I. Bubba didn't come out of his room till 3 and is still not well but he is at least keeping food down now and Jaszy's cough is under control with the nebs, babykins is resting peacefully and mommy is spent!!! I could really use a Beer and bed instead I am watching cyber bully with my kiddo

Monday, October 10, 2011

Adventures in Daddyhood

Today I went back to work Full time during the day. I have never been away from my babykins (14mo) for this long during the day unless she is spending the day with Grandma. My sister-in-law had to cancel on us today so daddy stepped up to the plate. This is the first time he has had the kids all day with out big sissy being there (she is 15) needless to say it was quite the adventure and the story goes............................

Text #1: if she poops in the bath what do I do? Do I give her a bath? Does this bath count? Do I need to bleach the tub before second bathing if second bathing is necessary.
Answer: No babe just hose her off with the shower head and then clean the tub
Phone call on my break:
Me: was this a hypothetical poop or a real one
Him: it was a real one.....(no sound)......She just climbed up her clothes and is now on the table. I got to go bye

Text #2: Does he need a backpack (our son 4yrs) He says no, I said should I ask mama he said no
Answer: yes he needs the Mariner moose backpack and his shoes are in it.

Text #3: Does Bella drink regular milk now? Is the cup from this morning can she drink it.
Answer: none didn't hear it

Text #4: She is crying while I wait
Answer: yes the cup is fresh and yes to milk

Text #5: Herrrrro
Answer: none he was just texting while I was

All this happened before 11am LOL luckily Grandma showed up to rescue him and my mom had checked on him too and was able to give him the answer to the poop problem. She proceeded to laugh her butt off and then called my aunt so she could laugh her butt off. It is amazing all the stuff you do as a stay at home mom only becomes real when your hubby has them.