Saturday, October 22, 2011

What a weekend!!!!

This weekend and yes it is only Saturday has been nuts and a disappointment to boot. Last night start with no sleep and it should have been my first clue but I was too tired to figure it out. Normally my son talks in his sleep so it was no biggie but he was asking for water which was weird but who knows since he was sleeping. Then this morning while hubby is getting ready for work he screams at me "mom get my puke bucket" so I go running throwing on my shirt while I go managing to put it on inside out and I manage to get it to him in time. So I lay back down with him only to hear the sounds of the baby waking up.

The teenager gets up and starts hacking up a lung and the baby has sick eyes. Round two teenager is set up on the neb, baby is just fussy as can be and I haven't had my morning coffee....good times. Welcome to mother hood where you bust you ass all week and then on your days off you get twice the work. By the time I finally get my coffee I stop and think about my day and all that was planned and make the game plan now. Today was my best friends Bridal Shower and I had to call her and tell her I was not going to make it. It honestly broke my heart to make the call. Then I was supposed to be off to see my brand new nephew whom I have not met yet!!! he is so darn adorable and I want to meet him. Scratch both of those instead I had to run to the bank then hit up my local Albertson's for a large jug of Gatorade, saltines, and lunch for the hubs and I. Bubba didn't come out of his room till 3 and is still not well but he is at least keeping food down now and Jaszy's cough is under control with the nebs, babykins is resting peacefully and mommy is spent!!! I could really use a Beer and bed instead I am watching cyber bully with my kiddo

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