~~~~~Going Paleo~~~~~

As most of you know I have been Gluten Free since 10/2011. Well I have had a consistent  flow of cross contamination's  I am OVER cross-contamination's. Every time I CC I get bloated and look 9 months pregnant. Then add on that I get a migraine for 3 days straight, it is horrible and I can't do it anymore. Plus my allergies are out of control so this has led me into more research and the research led me to the Paleo Diet. In all honesty I am scared of what they allow in the foods these days and with the high cost of gluten free food I have decided to give Paleo a try. The last but extremely important reason is my son has a gluten sensitivity and he gets abdominal migraines. So with me doing paleo it will become normal to him and I can control what he is eating at school. I cannot stand to see him puke all day when he is having an abdominal migraine. 

Paleo is living off food that is natural to the land and not brought to life by agriculture. It is no dairy except eggs, and butter. I must say I picked an interesting time to start as it is the time of month where my cravings are out of control. With all this said the only thing I am craving hard core is Chocolate. I love chocolate so I have had a few bites of cacao which is supposed to be ok but some are on the fence. 

I thought it would be hard but I love my veggies and I have bought some great recipe books that will help guide me along the way. Luckily I know 4 people who have gone Paleo so the support system is in place! I can feel my body being cleansed and how much better I am feeling. Even during a celiac attack that started pre-paleo my body is handling it better then I could have imagined. I am happy that the food I am putting in my body is what nature intended and can wait to reap the benefits of it. 

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