Sunday, January 15, 2012

The aftermath of a Gluten slip up

Last Friday I did slip I had pizza. I love pizza, pizza has always been my weakness even when I ate gluten I could not resist pizza. So hubby got pizza that fateful Friday night. It was my favorite so I gave in and had two pieces. Oh My did I regret that decision. Soon after eating said pizza I got cramps the next day to add to the cramps I bloated up so much that the guy we were meeting asked if I was carrying number four this has not happened since I stopped eating gluten. Then the migraine came and it was horrible. I was so sick and could not recover for a week. Gluten is evil when you are not supposed to have it so please stay away if you can it is not worth the side effects once it is eaten. Now pizza is still a problem but I may have found a solution. I will take my crust to the pizza place and ask if they can make the pizza on mine. That way I still get my favorite pizza but with no pain. Lesson learned

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