Thursday, September 25, 2008

inside the mind of a sick mama

So I slept on the couch thinking it would be good for me and him. I would not want to keep him awake all night seeing as I could not breate and would most likely snore. Did that help me why no it did not. I woke up barely able to move and breate. I just wanted to die this morning. So I went to bed after he left for work and woke up with little man about.....Oh lord who remembers. I had to pull him out of his toddler bed and I think I could have broken into a million pieces then. My nose was running my body was acting like it was fighting a war. So off I was to be mommy while not being myself. We went to the drugstore since I desperately needed allergy medicine and some anti-inflammatories. Little man got a new toothbrush, we got some toothpaste, He got some gel, I got some Hawaiian chips, and sierra mist, plus what we originally went there for. Did I mention it is 55 and raining on top of that I lost my debit card...Oh how I love today. Thank the lord I have a paypal card which is linked to my debit card. So we get home all nice and wet and I get one of my sierra mists open finally it feels good to get something down my throat(which by the way is majorly sore) I pop open the allergy and aleve and take some. I put Little man down for his nap which he is now fighting because that is the toddler code...Mommy is sick I must fight my nap. While he is fighting I am on the couch watching Peggy Sue got Married, an oldie but a goodie. He finally falls asleep. Now I get to get into the bath and yes I mean BATH!!! So I run the water, turn on the heat lamp, add some shower gel to the water for effect, and hop in.........OMG instant heaven!!!!!!!!!!! I wash/relax for a long while and then I finally get out, slather myself with huggies lotion. I feel so much better, do I care that there is banana's on my pants? Nope all is good in the world. Now I can face the world and go sit in the rain for my daughtes softball game. Even if this fix is temporary it feels so good right now I will take it!!!!!!!!!!

So that is inside the mind and life of a sick mama

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lets go Jaszmien Lets go

Today is the first day of Fast Pitch. I hope she really likes it. I know she will be wonderful at it. She is so athletic already and has done Gymnastics, swimming, and soccer