Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day three of my mission

Well today was interesting and busy to say the least. You would think being a housewife is easy breesy but trust me it is not. I had to wake up early and shower, shave and makeup for a early Dr's appt. During my primping my son just freshly awake decides he wants a tub. So in the tub he goes and I go on doing my makeup and talking to him.

I exfoliated my face and used my normal cleaner. Then applied that fun acne solution followed by the all natural emollient. Let that soak in and then I have to find the concealer brush dab and tap and hide the bags under my eyes, Then I apply the all over mineral foundation followed by bronzer. Then had to fill in the eyebrows and set them. Eye shadow came next, three shades to be exact and I had to hold tissue under my eye so that none of the eyeshadow spilt onto my face (it was mineral eyeshadow so it can drip) I did the top eye in gold eyeliner, then applied mascara, followed by a darker gold on the bottom.

I am looking at my bikini wax and my preggo belly and wondering how in the world I am going to manage to wax myself with such short arms. This should be interesting, After that I am planning on a mani/pedi. I really need one and deserve it. Well tomorrow should be interesting since i get more of a break

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