Monday, May 3, 2010

I have decided to go on a mission

I have decided to go down the road and see how much work it takes to become a trophy wife......This should be interesting no remember I am 6 months pregnant so there is only so much I can do

Last night I went ahead and washed my face with St Ives make up remover/face wash and then patted dry of course then I followed with Got to Be cucumber face peel. I felt like I had that mask on forever but once I took it off my skin did feel softer. I went online to my favorite store (eBay) and got some great deals on Bare Mineral foundation and Mineral Veil (which I have used and loved), Elf concealer (which I have never used but am willing to try based on reviews) and then I went on a search of skin products wow there were so many on there. I found a great deal on a face mask with Caviar in it....seem so luxurious but frivolous (I may break down and try it in the future) I cannot wait for my make up to get here I am really looking forward to the mineral veil and the concealer as this pregnancy is wrecking havoc on my skin.

Today I exfoliated with St Ives Invigorating scrub and then washed with my St Ives facial cleaner. I put on my acne medicine followed by some natural emollient. My skin still feels soft today. Now for makeup...sometimes I wonder why I even bother since I wear glasses most of the time. I have to get my contacts in the middle of the month. Then I have to do my hair and keep myself looking fresh all day as I take care of my kids.....this should be fun like I said


Paige said...

you know I love the Sephora line face stuff and it is not even that expensive. I use the mask from there all the time (and its only like 7 or 8 dollars) so its a good deal! Check that out as well.

Summer Bert said...

I will check that out thanks for the recommendation.