Sunday, June 5, 2011

I have decided

To renew my dedication to this blog. My life was so busy and my poor blog was neglected because of it. I am back and ready to give myself my release from blogging. Since the birth of my last babe I have been working at losing the baby weight and making huge lifestyle changes. Processed foods have almost been completely eliminated from my life and the family has been very accommodating. To lose weight I have started Weight Watchers and have lost 6lbs in the two weeks of doing it. The flexibility of the plan is the best, I can still eat foods I love and lose weight. So far I have gone down from 226lbs to 200lbs!!! My dear friend Ginny introduced me to all natural wraps that detox you and help melt away the inches. The first wrap I did was a total lost of 1-1/2 inches on my waist, 3 inches on my tummy, and 2 inches on my hips!!! to say the least I am now a loyal member. I plan on using this blog as a general blog for life, weight loss, and living a natural life with a coupon budget. I hope to expand and invite new adventures into my life and on this blog.


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