Friday, June 24, 2011

Big Decisions This Week

This last week we have been contemplating a lot. My husband has not been able to walk on his left foot for 6 months now. We have seen a bunch of Dr's and it is still not resolved. We have another appointment on Monday with a foot specialist and if that doesn't work then we will be scheduling with a Rheumatologist. My Mother-In-Law has multiple auto-immune diseases and we have watched her heath go down hill. Now I have to worry that there may be something really wrong with him and we missed it.

I am now exhausted. I have had to up my care for my husband since his foot is getting worse. Luckily I have a teenager that helps a lot but even then she can't help me work 40+ hours a week, then do my blog or personal business, clean and cook, and take care of the little ones. I have been so busy my teenager told me she misses me and she is lonely (talk about breaking my heart) The little ones try and block the door so I cannot leave. They have also been acting out which causes me to lose more energy. I start classes for my RN pre-req's in the fall and that will be another block pulled out of my already wobbly Jenga tower.

So we have decided that I will be continuing my job through the summer and then leaving my position. I need to be home with my family and take care of them, work should never come in between my family. I will still take my classes and get my RN by then life will hopefully have calmed down.

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