Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Grey Seattle Morning

I must say that living in Seattle has its ups and downs. The cloudy, raining weather is the downside and being kinda spendy. On the other hand Seattle has an amazing outdoor community. We make the best of any weather and love to live outdoors. My favorite outdoor activity is taking the kids to our local parks. Our local parks have tons of nature trails. My son loves walking along these trails and pointing out all the plants, trees, animals, or flowers.

We are proud wearers of flip flops in the rain and snow. Shorts when it hits 50 and socks with sandals. I personally don't wear socks with sandals but I have seen those people out and about. When walking in Seattle you will notice the large amount of foot traffic around and that is always there. Walking here is just a way of life especially if you live downtown and parking is at a large premium. One or no car homes are very common but fear not everything is in your walking reach or on a quick bus ride.

Where I live is in a suburb off of Seattle but one day I would love to move downtown and live a true Seattlite life.

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