Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sometimes You Get Discouraged

When re-adjusting your life to being Gluten Free it can really get you down. You have to become a detective looking for sneaky gluten at every turn. While you are out with family you have to see all the things you used to love but can no longer eat. I miss pizza so much it kills me as well as chocolate. Apprehension slides in when you first look at gluten free products and it truly is a hit or miss selection. I have been lucky enough to discover the Ener-G this company has amazing pretzels. The sesame ones are the most delicious of the bunch. I truly look forward to buying and trying the other products.

Pirates Booty is another favorite. I can find a 6 pack of small bags which is perfect for work at Amazon for as low as $17.85 with amazons subscribe and save.

Another to die for Gluten Free food is Kind Bars. So far my favorite is the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar it is like eating a candy bar. Some stores sell these in singles like QFC, Fred Meyers, Kroger, Costco, and Bartells. You can on Occasion find them on sale and if not then amazon is your go to for these bars.

Just remember that going gluten free does mean an increase in the price of the foods you eat but it also means that you will be having food longer. That is what I keep in mind when I look at the price. I also upped my fruit and veggie intake. Being Gluten free does not mean the end of the world it means changing how you see it.


Anonymous said...

Lara Bars are also super yummy and sold at Costco.. The only downside is you only get 3 flavors in the box from Costco and they have TONS of yummy flavors!

Anonymous said...

This work friend, must be pretty cool!!! :) Your blog is great Summer!!


Summer Bert said...

Yes Amy is one of my Gluten free partners in crime!!