Sunday, December 25, 2011

dying to try something

When I was in track I used to run short spurts I was fast but could not go the distance. Now that I am getting healthy and getting my self back on track I would like to try Couch to 5k. I want to run I love being outdoors and I want to get myself down to goal weight. I am contemplating when to run, where to run and what to wear running since I live in the NW. I think I will run in the morning before I shower even though I worry about running in the dark. I have a pink Seahawks hat that will keep the rain at bay and I think I have picked a route out around my neighborhood. I found a website and it outlines what to do for me lets take a look.

Couch to 5k

Step 1: The first 4 weeks
run for any amount of time and then walk for that equal time 50/50 plan

Step 2: Add 30 minutes of walk/run per week and add in one work out
30 minutes of run/walk and 1 workout week 1
Next week at 30 minutes of running to equal 60 minutes of running you can split this into to two runs
3rd week 90 minutes/can be split into three runs
4th week is 40 minutes per run per those three days

There are 7 more steps but it is so much to list on one page you can look at the page to see where I will be going. I will also be working on holiday recipes for the gluten free!! including the wonderful Valentines day.

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