Friday, December 9, 2011

Filtering out the Gluten in your home

Gluten hids in many foods so you have to really get down and dirty to look.

Look for Wheat and Barley in your list those are the top two offenders

Then Look for products that were processed in facilities that process wheat/barley.

Oats are ok as long as they are processed in a facility that only processes Oats.

Watch out for Seasoning!!! these are sneaky gluten hiders. My favorite seasoning "Slap ya mama" is gluten free and reasonably priced

Sauces are another sneaky hider of Gluten so watch out for every sauce, dressing, and marinade.

If you have Gluten foods and have to keep them since your family eats gluten you really have to channel your will power
Saying no to delicious foods you have eaten all your life is not easy at all but you can do it.

Once you stop eating Gluten you will feel a thousand times better and your body will thank you. If you accidentally injest Gluten you will know
your stomach will cramp up and bloat out and you will feel crappy so try your best to stay away once you are off.

Going out to eat is huge for people who cannot tolerate Gluten but not impossible. I will provide some valuable resources for eating out as we go along.

Finally don't let negative nancy's affect you. You know what is discussed between you and your Dr and some people will try and make you feel like you are lying, nuts,
or a hypochondriac. Filter those people out or if you must keep them in your life don't talk to them about such things like your health and what is going on with you. 

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