Sunday, November 20, 2011

It is Crazy how your life can change

Thanks to HCG!!! Since starting HCG I have learned that I am gluten intolerant

Gluten gives me migraines
Leaves me bloated and unable to lose weight
Gives me a nasty rash that will not go away unless I cut out gluten
and finally screws with my bowels.

I have been Gluten free since 11/12/11 and have had no bloating, no migraines, and the rash is almost gone. Last night I was wearing a tank top that used to not even fit all the way over my fat and now it hangs below my butt. I was elated when I realized. I have lost 11lbs so far on day 19 of the Low Calorie Portion and have 21 more days to go. If I keep up like I am right now I will weight 179 at the end of round 1 and hopefully will continue to lose while on maintenance. After 6 weeks I will start round two where I hope to lose 30-40lbs and that will put me in my goal range for weight. If I do accomplish this I will just need to maintain my health weight and will be beyond happy with all that I have done!!

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