Thursday, April 24, 2008


This weekend was crazy but I am happy it is OVER!!! There was a missing child (not mine) We took Jasz to the arcade that was fun. It was just craziness. Then this week I have had two interviews at the company I am temping at. I am really confident I will get one of the positions. I have been there almost 6 months on a month to month contract so I know they like me. I get good reviews all the time. Today was insane I was in surgery two times and the first one we removed something off the shin. There was barely enough skin to close it so now she has an interesting scar like a S and then my other on couldn't have the type of numbing medicine we use so he was spurting blood (he accidentally got blood on his face it was spurting so bad) so that was taking so long I had to be relieved since I ride in a carpool. I love doing surgeries they are fun!!!!!!

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